Meet our Team

Our mission is to accelerate vaccine discovery with AI. We provide the technology and Machine Learning models that accelerate the drug development process and increase vaccine efficacy against current and future variants of the viruses. We want to fully unlock the potential of mRNA by optimising the drug development pipeline and automating the process of finding vaccine candidates.
Piotr Grzegorczyk
CEO & Co-Founder
Grzegorz Preibisch
Head of R&D & Co-Founder
Stanisław Giziński
Head of technology & Co-Founder
Michał Tyrolski
Deep learning researcher
Aleksandra Mysiak
Deep learning researcher
Piotr Kucharski
Anna Bradshaw
Chief of Staff
Marta Robak
HR & admin specialist

Meet our Advisors

Anna Gambin
Michael Eisenbraun
vaccine advisor
Jakub Tomczak
Generative AI advisor